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brake lever & caliper adjustment.
drivetrain component wear inspection. cable/housing inspection.
shifter & derailleur adjustment.
pivot point lubrication (brakes & shifters).
spot wheel true.
chain lubrication.
tire pressure check.
drive-train wear check.
bolt face lubrication.
drivetrain clean and lubrication.
full bike wiped down. 

serious tune

basic tune up (above) + 
headset removal, clean, regrease
bottom bracket removal, clean, regrease
full drivetrain removal, clean, lubrication


serious tuner
frame sand blasted 
fresh powder (pick your colour from here.)

custom bike build

$600 - $3000 
lets build you something...

questions for you:
  • where do you plan on taking your bike?
    (city commutes? tour de france?)

  • what's your price range?

  • do you ride a lot? 
    (ie. ~ 10,000 km/year)

  • details, your geometry?
    g01: measure underarm to wrists
    g02: crotch to toes,
    g03: head to toe height
    g04: shoulder width.

philosophy (education)

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